How Our Love Affair With the Motor Car Can Foster Some Great Rally Race Events

It’s easy to understand why we love driving so much. It gives us freedom, the opportunity to get out and enjoy some of the beautiful scenery and there is nothing quite like a great drive in the countryside to take your mind off some of life’s little imperfections! Ever since Henry Ford delivered the original model T to the masses, this style of for transportation has been part of our way of life and it’s hardly surprising that it has become intertwined with our very culture and an important part of the special event spectrum as well. While competition is always synonymous with the automobile, dating back to the 1908 New York to Paris Race and others, some of the best automotive related special events are not truly competitive as such, but equally as exciting nonetheless.

Major organizations are always on the lookout for a unique branding exercise, a way to foster customer relations and a vehicle that can provide them with some publicity. A specially designed rally race can help them on all fronts. Working with dedicated event planning companies, these organizations can help to develop specific rally race events that focus on particular selling points, hit all the right buttons in terms of marketing and public relations and help to build that feeling of camaraderie among participants. At the end of a successful event like this all those who took part should go away with fond memories and this, subconsciously, helps to cement that all-important relationship with the sponsoring organization.

A rally race event specifically designed for promotional purposes in this way can be as complex or as challenging as the client and participants prefer. Many of them can take on specific navigational challenges, calling for both driver and passenger to be “on their toes” as they navigate their way across the countryside. Some of them can have additional autotest-style maneuvers, which take place on areas of private land especially prepared for the purpose. This helps to inject an additional element of fun and a little bit of that competitive spirit between all the drivers.

We live in such a beautiful country, where excellent “driver’s” roads are never far away from our towns and cities. It’s great to be able to enjoy exploring these roads along with other like-minded individuals as part of an especially prepared rally race challenge like this. Long may we savor this freedom and our passion for the car!