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Rexine -the Artificial Leather in Automotive Industry

Posted on August 8, 2019 in Uncategorized

Rexine which is also called as artificial leather is highly used in industry like Automobile industry in manufacturing car Seat cover , gear boot, knob cover, roof lining, front dashboard lining, and hoods. , it is available in differnt textures like Blue Rexine, Automotive PVC Leather,Automotive Artificial Leather, PVC/PU Hood Leatherette,PU Leather For Car Seat Cover.

Blue Rexine – is used in both sectors residential as well as commerial sectors,it used in designing the traveling bags, hand bags, wallets, shopping bags etc, it is available in market in different at Rs 100 / Meter(s).

Automotive PVC – is used to design the bags, sofas, cases, shoes, garments, belts and automobiles parts covers at Rs 100 / Meter(s).

Automotive Artificial Leather-It also known as Red Rexine , it is used to manufacture the seat cover of luxurious vehicles at Rs 100 / Meter(s).

PVC/PU – it is used to design goods of fasion and automotive industry, it cater the demand of both residential as well as commerial sector. .it is available in Rs 100 / Meter(s)

PU Leather For Car Seat Cover – it is used to design car seat covers,at Rs. 80 – Rs 100 / Meter(s).

Artificial leather is also used in Footwear industry in manufacturing slipper,shoes,sandals boots and sports wear for both men and women. Different kind of leather which are used to design footwear are-:

Artificial Patent- It covers the domestic market for designing furniture cover, like table and chair cover.

Artificial leather have also played significiant role in Furnishing Industry in designing the furnishing products like Cushions, Bean Bag,, Sofas,office chairs it cater the needs of both the sectors commercial as well residential sector,using embossed leather, PU leather, PVC Scrapped leather

Artificial leather is also in Fashion Industry for manufacturing fashion accesories like Purses, Bags, Wallets, Belts, Watch straps , jackets as well as for sports good – gloves, pads, footballs

Embossed & Printed Artificial Leather – is commonly used in Automotive industry, Fashion Industry,Furnishing industry. In Automotive Industry it is used in designing seat cover , In furnishing industry it is used in chairs sofas,bean bags. In fashion Industry it used in designing footwears, garments and fashion accessories like Purse, wallets, belts, bags, jackets