Sports Pedals and Footrests Don’t Make You a Rally Driver

One of the iconic camera angles from inside a racing touring car is the one from behind the driver’s pedals. Watching his feet moving in unison is like watching a dancer. The footwork is effortless, quick and precise. Watching them heel and toe the brake and accelerator to keep the power up as the car slows down is a skill that takes years to perfect, and in many modern cars with their automatic gear boxes, it is a thing of the past as left foot braking now becomes more and more common. One of the things that can help these drivers confidently perform their manoeuvres is the sports pedals fitted to the vehicle. Supplied in aluminium, the sports pedals they use provide them with extra grip and feel from the pedals. Now you can get that same feel and grip from your vehicles pedals by fitting a set of accessory sports pedals to your car. We are not expecting you to suddenly start heel and toeing as you drive, but fitting a set of these to your car will at least give the appearance that you can perform like a racing driver.

Most of these sports pedals come in an aluminium finish and are designed in the same style as those you would find in the same car in a race version. Providing that extra grip and feel these pedals replace the standard pedals that are supplied with the vehicle. All of the manufacturer’s sports pedals are supplied with full fitting instructions to allow you to make the change yourself. Most can be changed in under half an hour, even by inexperienced people. In addition, some even offer the option of a sports footrest to complement the pedals. Finished in the same style as the pedals, the sports footrest fits alongside them and gives the driver a comfortable position to rest his left foot when not being used.

When deciding to purchase new pedals, it’s important to remember that you ask the retailer about the opportunity to return them if you’re not satisfied. The last thing you want is to discover that they don’t suit your driving style and you’re unable to return them. As with any part of the car, if you’re not completely comfortable with them, you should change back to what you are used to and what will provide the safest journey. On the other hand, if you feel that they seem fine, the return policy will not be needed but it is good to have it there if necessary.